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I wrote Wed, 12 Jul 2006 09:11:27 +1000 (was: "Re: [LINK] the google jet):
>At 05:04 PM 7/10/2006, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>Google ... bought a used Boeing 767 widebody as an unusually large 
>>private jet. ...
>Perhaps Google is building a flying search engine ... could then 
>orbit a disaster scene supplying essential web search services ... 
>The Australian Defence Department will have this capability with its 
>Wedgetail 737 aircraft ...

Speaking of the Australian surveillance aircraft, someone I used to 
work with at Defence is talking about how it was programmed, in 
Canberra this evening (see below). This is topical as Defence 
personnel are currently touring Australian universities, inviting 
researchers to take part in the even bigger Joint Strike Fighter 
project <http://www.tomw.net.au/technology/it/jsf/>.


ACT joint systems interest groups (SQA, SESA, IEEE-CS and SCSC)

TITLE: Processes Used to Manage and Control Development of Software 
on a Very Large Multinational Development Project

by Stuart Garrett, Defence Materiel Organisation

1730 for 1800-1900, Wednesday 19 July
Room N101, CSIT Building, ANU

The presentation will address:
. Defence's concerns about software development on large acquisition
. an outline of the scope of AEW&C software
. why the Project Office adopted a software metrics program for the 
AEW&C project
. an insight into the nature of the software metrics program
. how the metrics were chosen
. how the contractor uses the metrics
. how the Project Office uses the metrics
. reporting software development to executive management authorities
. why should we believe the data in the metrics program?
. how well the software development program performed

Stuart has a broad range of experience in project management, systems
engineering and software development experience on multi-billion 
dollar Defence acquisition projects. His qualifications include a 
Masters of Management Studies specialising in Information 
Systems.  Stuart has recently returned from a posting in Seattle 
where he was the Software Acquisition Manager for the AEW&C Project. 
Stuart is a certified Master Project Director.

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