[LINK] "FreeCiv" and its Discontents: Policy Lessons from Open Source Games: A Case Study

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 19 15:17:56 AEST 2006

Oh Good!

I knew you'd step out of line again, Vic ... you're so wonderfully 
predictable - a bit like an amoeba who will always turn away from the 
light. (Come to think of it ... that's not a bad analogy at all for 
you, Vic.) You're a few feathers short of a duck, aren't you my Lad?

So my Lowest Denominator (nothing 'Common' about you, Vic) friend ... 
here you are pushing the same tired old line, and when challenged on 
same you revert to abuse ('Lefties', 'Commies' Vc ... it's so au fait 
and tired? Can't you think of anything original?) and REALLY puerile 
argument that would be more appropriate in a kindergarten.

"Oh yeah", "you're a dirty pie face" and other hallmarks of infantile 
sophistication will no doubt surface in the near future to accompany 
the gems of 'who cares' and

I've mentioned before how much we all appreciate the sheer pinnacles 
your wit soars to, but I think that, even for you, this time you've 
excelled yourself.

So keep it up, my neuron challenged tyro .... give us your worst. 
Rock us to our foundations with your command of the language, with 
the sophistication and challenge of your argument.

Of course this time you backed up your argument with a 'paper' from a 
privately funded (funded by MS, Oracle and other OSS challenged 
others) organisation which has next to zilch credibility amongst real 
world research institutions, written by someone myopic enough to 
consider that public funding doesn't entail public responsibility, 
who doesn't see any contradiction in the notion that that development 
costs should be socialised whilst the profits should be privatised, 
and who recommends 'neutrality' when making software purchases ... 
without realising that every decision to purchase software should be 
discriminating, and who headlines his thin excuse for an OSS attack 
under the games title.

I mean ... this is a new low even for you Vic! Usually you at least 
point us at an article that may be worth reading and which has some 
credibility (even if minimal). This time you're backing up your (ever 
so tiresome and ever so persistent, bigoted) argument with fourth 
rate garbage that even someone with the attention span of a budgie on 
speed (just a tad more than you seem to have, Vic) could see was 
utterly without merit and the product of a deranged, paid-for and 
biased mindset. This article was about as focused as flatulence.

So what major innovations, inventions and copyright are YOU working 
on now, Vic ... let me guess:
A gelignite suppository (please, oh please test it on yourself!)
A coal powered violin
A Braille speedometer (please, oh please test it on yourself!)
A margarine turbocharger
A chocolate dick
A plate steel trampoline

You're a real vocalamity, Old Son. You're cranially-rectally 
inverted. The only use for your head is to keep the rain off your 

Send your wits out to be sharpened, Vic ...

... and, oh yeah ... the spelling, caps, punctuation and grammar 
still leave a lot to be desired.


At 2:19 PM +1000 on 19/7/06 you wrote:
>Danny Yee [danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au] wrote:
>>  > http://www.cei.org/pdf/3755.pdf
>>  This has a tiny bit of actual content about games, from which it leaps
>>  to some very general conclusions that have nothing to do with games.
>>  If this is the best the CEI can come up with, it's not surprising
>>  that no one takes it seriously.
>lefties dont take anything that isnt writen by some commie seriously.
>so who cares you are a shrinking minority anyway.
>leftism: the political equivalent of autism
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