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On 23/07/2006, at 4:40 PM, Greg Taylor wrote:

> No, biofuels recycle CO2 and are effectively carbon neutral.   If  
> the biomass is produced sustainably, carbon dioxide is removed from  
> the atmosphere during photosynthesis and stored in plant  
> structures. When the biomass is burned, the carbon released back to  
> the atmosphere will be recycled into the next generation of growing  
> plants.


  we use -
	diesel or petrol to run the plows and harvesters

	natural gas to make the fertilsers

	oil to make the pesticides

	diesel or petrol to transport the crop to the processing facility  
and to transport the biofuel to the service station

	Heat which might be derived from fossil fuels for the processing.

Until we can do the whole cycle with biofuels it's not completely  
carbon neutral.


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