[LINK] Electric vehicles and generation

Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Sun Jul 23 19:48:52 AEST 2006

30 kilowatts per kilogram (kW/kg)

I can see why they are excited!

Looks promising if they can scale it up.


Robin Stephens wrote:
> On 7/23/06, Geoffrey Ramadan <gramadan at umd.com.au> wrote:
>> The key issue for electric vehicles is "power density" of the Battery.
>> To give you an idea of the challenge for electric vehicles.
>> Petrol has a "Energy Density" of 13,200 W-hr/kg
>> Lead-acid  is only 22 W-hr/kg
>> Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) 44 W-hr/kg
>> Silver-Zinc(Ag-Zn)  110 W-hr/kg
>> Magnesium hydride with Ni catalyst (Mg-H (Ni))  2300 W-hr/kg
> Wonder what the energy density of these would be.
> "Nano World: Carbon nanotube capacitors"
> "Carbon nanotubes could help release and hold electrical energy, for
> potential use in everything from microchips to hybrid cars, experts
> told UPI's Nano World."
> http://www.physorg.com/news10525.html
> Robin

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