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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Jul 25 16:00:11 AEST 2006

Glen Turner wrote:
> Personally, I think we're seeing the start of the end of the age of
> everyday individual transportation.  Lots of advanced countries
> cope without that now, so it's no the practicality that concerns
> me.  It the lead time of large urban transit projects.

...not to mention the lead time in redirecting effort... hot on the 
heels of the cross city tunnel, sydney is now awaiting the completion of 
the Lane Cove Tunnel....haven't been paying close attention but I think 
two car lanes and one bus/transit lane is proposed in each direction... 
I think there is a similar plan for Paramatta Rd... the tragedy of all 
this is that vast quantites of useful land, is being used for roads and 
carparking in the CBD and inner city...

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