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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Jul 27 12:23:25 AEST 2006

hi roger,

i wonder if you would be good enough to post this to link for me.

a good friend of mine is running a legal service using software he 
has designed. the system was written in pascal & delphi by a 
few competent programmers who did not like to document their work 
and have now moved on.

[Oi, ACS: where are the standards for programmers' quality of product?!]

my friend needs a reliable programmer who will maintain this system 
and most importantly, document it so that the programming can be 
followed by any capable programmer. he is very willing to pay for the 
work and is not looking for anything 'free' or 'cut price'.

my friend, who is a lawyer, is not the easiest person to work with. 
he is very intelligent and hardworking and does not 'suffer fools 
gladly'. he is proud of his system which has been developed over the 
last 20+ years and has supported his business splendidly over those 
years making his one of the largest and most successful companies in 
australia in this area.

the business is located in central sydney but i am sure much of the 
work could be done from home.

do you know anyone who would be willing to offer their services? if 
so please contact me.


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