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Thu Jul 27 13:25:51 AEST 2006

craig it may come as news to you, but some of us have mortgages and
kids to support. your communists views are irrelevant but thanks for


Craig Sanders [cas at] wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 11:31:06AM +1000, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> > I am not sure how any of your response addresses the point that on a
> > commercial basis, giving away software to drive other sales works in a
> > domestic market.
> >
> > given the constant bleeting about the revenue forgone in giving away
> > software can be made up by support, I dont see a single example of
> > that in the gaming market or any other domestic software market for
> > that matter.
> >
> > perhaps you can give us some example of commercially sucessful
> > projects that make up lost revenue from giving away software, with
> > support or some other service in a domestic context?
> take off your blinkers Vic - going after a commercial market is NOT the
> only reason why people write and give away free software. it's not even
> one of the more important reasons, it's way down low on the list of
> motivations.
> this may seem like blasphemy to someone of your mammon-worshipping
> religion, but not everything can be reduced to a market.
> the fact is that financial success is *IRRELEVANT* to the success
> of free software. people will write it, distribute it, and use it
> regardless of whether someone makes money from it or not.
> that is why, in the long run, commercial software can not compete with
> free software. free software will evolve to meet the needs of the
> users and authors without regard to financial considerations, while
> commercial software will not and can not - in some cases, the financial
> considerations are in direct opposition to the users' needs (e.g.
> marketing deals and partnerships between the software developers and
> other companies and/or other depts within the same company resulting in
> the prevention or obstruction of inter-operation with rival products).
> if there's any constant bleating being done, it's you and your obsession
> with markets.
> craig
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