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Deus Ex Machina vicc at
Fri Jul 28 11:58:28 AEST 2006

Brendan Scott [brendansweb at] wrote:
> Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> >I am not sure how any of your response addresses the point that on a 
> >commercial basis,
> >giving away software to drive other sales works in a domestic market.
> >
> >given the constant bleeting about the revenue forgone in giving away 
> >software can be made up by support, I dont see a single example of that in 
> >the gaming market
> >or any other domestic software market for that matter.
> >perhaps you can give us some example of commercially sucessful projects
> >that make up lost revenue from giving away software, with support or some 
> >other service
> >in a domestic context?
> Oh, and just FYI:
> Ballmer: Software is becoming a service
> "Software is becoming a service," Ballmer said at the company's financial 
> analyst meeting being held here. "Embracing advertising and 
> subscription-based models and Internet-based delivery across Microsoft's 
> product line is an important part of what we will do." 

this is not a foss example. businesses have been trying to switch to
service models for decades. this has nothing whatsoever to do with
what we are talking about. the idea of a ongoing revenue stream rather
then one off sales is not exactly a foss or a new idea.

let me be as clear as I can.

the claim made repeatedly is that equivalent or better profits can be
had by giving away software and making up the profit on support.

this may have some chance in a b2b context because business are prepared to "pay"
for a relationship. my contention is that home users are not.

show me examples of a foss projects where this claim of success in a
home market is happening. there should be an endless stream of them, surely?


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