[LINK] KPMG in second smartcard win

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KPMG in second smartcard win
Selina Mitchell
JULY 28, 2006
The Australian

KPMG has been chosen to monitor the progress of the Howard Government's 
$1.1 billion smart card project.

Last week Minister for Human Services Joe Hockey announced Booz Allen 
Hamilton has won the role as the lead advisor for the health and social 
services card.

Under a separate tender, KPMG developed the business case for the access 
card in the lead up to Cabinet's approval of the project earlier this 
year. Mr Hockey today said KPMG would provide program monitoring and 
assurance services to the Office of Access card.

The company will implement a monitoring framework and review the 
proposed implementation program to ensure it is "based on robust risk 
assessment" and has an "effective control framework and performance 
reporting regime", Mr Hockey said.

KPMG will also review the work of Booz Allen Hamilton.

"This is an important role, integral to a process designed to deliver 
the access card in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, and 
to ensure the objectives of the program are fulfilled," Mr Hockey said.

The smartcard scheme was arguably the most eagerly anticipated civilian 
technology project ever let for bidding by government – and it will be 
one of the most closely watched, given concerns raised by interest 
groups about privacy and security.



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