[LINK] Academics branded 'anti-US over FTA research'

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At 10:26 +1000 30/7/06, Howard Lowndes wrote:

This arises from an Opinion Piece by Ian Chubb in The Canberra Times 
of Saturday 29 July.  It was excellent (but a bit long for me to type 

I can't see it yet on The Canberra Times site:

And there's no sign of it here yet

It's unclear which ANU academics the critics would have had in mind. 
The economists that I heard give evidence were 
pro-US/anti-Australian;  but the Law Faculty's Matt Rimmer and myself 
were blunt about the huge amount of harm that the provisions of the 
US-dictated IP Chapter would do to Australia.

My submissions are at:

Matt's submission is at:
See also:
Rimmer, M.  "Robbery Under Arms:  Copyright Law and the 
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement", First Monday, March 
2006, Vol. 11 (3), URL: 
http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue11_3/rimmer/index.html, SSRN: 

At 10:26 +1000 30/7/06, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>The head of the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra 
>says there has been an attempt to silence academics who are making 
>critical comments about issues of public importance.
>Vice-chancellor Professor Ian Chubb says ANU researchers were 
>labelled as "anti-American" after they released a study of 
>Australia's free trade agreement with the US, which revealed adverse 
>Professor Chubb says he received several calls suggesting the 
>university would be unwise to promote the research.
>"You have to be a particular sort of person to put your head up over 
>the parapet when it gets knocked every time, and labels are put on 
>you that you are uncomfortable with," Professor Chubb said.
>"It's dangerous and I think it's pathetic."
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