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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
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[As a frequent commentator in Internet privacy matters, it's a bit 
embarrassing that I wasn't up-to-date on the 'private registration' 
feature at NSI.]


Private Registration

When you register a domain name, your address, e-mail and phone 
number are automatically published in the public WHOIS database. 
ICANN requires that this personal information be accurate and 
available for anybody to view on the Web, any time, day or night. You 
can make your domain name registration private, which will help to:
*   Deter spammers, telemarketers, identity thieves, harassers, 
stalkers, and others who use this public WHOIS database to contact you
*   Protect Your Personal Information - The information you want to 
keep private is kept out of the public WHOIS database.
*   Protect Your Domain Name Registration - Gives you full control 
and standing as registrant over the domain names in your account, 
unlike "proxy" services.

Make Your Domain Name Registration Private

How It Works

The public WHOIS listing for your domain name registration will 
contain your alternate contact information:
*   E-mail Address - Your newly created e-mail address changes every 
10 days to protect you from people who mine the WHOIS database and 
sell the information. E-mail received at this address will be 
filtered for spam and forwarded to your designated e-mail accounts.
*   Postal Address - Your postal address displayed in your WHOIS 
listing is a PO Box address in care of Network Solutions to stop junk 
mail and unwanted persons from finding your home. Legal and other 
important notices received via Certified Mail® or Express Mail® will 
be forwarded to you. Find out more.
*   Phone Number - Your phone number listing and a call answering 
service will prevent telemarketers from harassing you.

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