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Mon Jul 31 18:05:02 AEST 2006

While good for personal domains, there is a downside to this. The 
ability to verify whois information is really important to help verify 
the bona fides of a company offering services over the Internet.

There are, for example, some VoIP providers whose services:
- use fake addresses in their Whois records
- claim to be companies but are not
- claim to be Australiain companies but are not
- claim to be members of the TIO but are not
... and so on.

The ability to say "this looks dodgy" is important to consumers' ability 
to protect themselves, and Whois is an important part of that.

Richard Chirgwin

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> At 03:44 PM 31/07/2006, Roger Clarke wrote:
>> Make Your Domain Name Registration Private
> this is a benefit that my domain registrar provides for me. Try my 
> domain in the whois database to see what happens.  janwhitaker.com
> Jan
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