[LINK] Military cipher broken

Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Thu May 18 15:11:36 EST 2006

Strange as it may seem, that's not such a silly idea.  Let's see who 
gets to patent it first...

Tom Worthington wrote:
> At 10:59 AM 5/18/2006, Glen Turner wrote:
>> ... The requirement is to keep such documents securely.  Such as in a 
>> locked briefcase. ...
> A briefcase is so last century. Link Institute to the rescue:
>                         LINK INSTITUTE LINKGRAM
>         Security FlasHard Developed for Australian Defence Force
> 18 May 2006, Canberra: The Link Institute today announced a new security 
> system to protect sensitive Defence Department electronic documents from 
> inadvertent public release. The FlasHard system will be offered to 
> Australian and military authorities around the world requiring control 
> of sensitive items.
> The FlashHard system consists of a reinforced military specification 
> lanyard which can be attached to a flash drive, or other removable 
> electronic memory device.  The other end of the FlashHard is secured to 
> the uniform of the personnel responsible for the information. The 
> FlashHard will first provide a warning if the user attempts to leave 
> their workstation without removing the flash drive. If the user ignores 
> the warning, the FlashHard will automatically eject the flash drive from 
> the workstation and retract it onto the user's uniform.
> The FlashHard system will initially available in Mil Spec 5625 Tubular 
> (Strength: 6000 lbf) with universal digital camouflage pattern, as well 
> as Black for special forces use.
> Link Institute claim their lanyard to be superior to the TriTech TRRL 
> Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard, previously used by the United 
> States Military in Iraq, Afghanastan, and Bosnia 
> <http://www.mountsplus.com/miva/merchant.mvc?store_code=MSP&screen=PROD&product_code=TTL-DBL-TAN>. 
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> ;-)
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