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You know Vic,  since you won't deny you're paid to write this stuff  
and your views seem to be very closely aligned to the current  
government (or at least never contradict them) I wonder... If you are  
paid by or have an interest in an Australian political party or  
aligned group, I assume you are aware that if your emails are being  
"published" you need to abide by electoral law:

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and the Broadcasting Services Act  
1992 set out the rules for the format and presentation of political  
advertisements in Australia. The Electoral Act contains the following  
requirements for the presentation of political advertisements:
     *      s. 328(1): any advertisement, handbill, pamphlet, poster  
or notice must carry the name and address of the person who  
authorised it, and, where the advertisement is not in a newspaper, it  
must also include the name and place of business of the printer
     *      s. 328(1A): any video recording containing electoral  
matter must have the name and address of the person who authorised it  
at the end of the recording, and
     *      s. 331: where an advertisement contains electoral matter,  
the proprietor of the journal in which it appears (‘journal’ here  
meaning newspaper, magazine or other periodical, whether published  
for sale or free distribution) must print the word ‘advertisement’ as  
a headline to the advertisement.


It also notes that electoral advertisements must be authorised at all  
times, and not just during an election period

On 2006 Oct 03, at 9:04 PM, The Cato Institute spokesmidget spruked:
> Martin Barry [marty at supine.com] wrote:
>> $quoted_author = "Deus Ex Machina" ;
>>> another example of improper use of government money.
>> I, for one, wish more of my tax money was spent on worthwhile,  
>> well run
>> projects like this one.
> well if you paid enough taxes it might. since you dont its so nice of
> you to voluneteer other people taxes for your pet projects. just  
> naother
> typical colectivist fantasy

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