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Wed Oct 4 09:28:34 AEST 2006

Yeah but Vic has lots of money and believes in a Profits Before People.

Which is all good and nice, but note that because I have no income and am 
now on a Pension, I'm not buying any Products from any companies that 
generate Vic income and as more and more people fall into the same 
situation I am sadly in, Vic will eventually have no income!

Don't ya Love Austeralia!

Ya Parents and near Bankrupt you and you can get a pension for the rest of 
your life before you are 40!!

(PS Anyone got any work, I'd be REALLY happy to seriously consider it, but 
remember I'm in court twice a week and need four to 6 days preparation to 
ensure I have some chance.)

At 08:55 AM 4/10/2006, Martin Barry wrote:
>$quoted_author = "Deus Ex Machina" ;
> >
> > Martin Barry [marty at supine.com] wrote:
> > > $quoted_author = "Deus Ex Machina" ;
> > > >
> > > > another example of improper use of government money.
> > >
> > > I, for one, wish more of my tax money was spent on worthwhile, well run
> > > projects like this one.
> >
> > well if you paid enough taxes it might. since you dont its so nice of
> > you to voluneteer other people taxes for your pet projects. just naother
> > typical colectivist fantasy
>i'm just wondering how you know how much tax i pay Vic?   ;)
>getting back to the question at hand, i'm sure you'd prefer to volunteer
>your taxes to fund the $100,000 of postage the pollies each get per year.
>or perhaps you could ask your beloved little johnny to choose to keep the
>gardens tidy at the lodge or kirribilli house but not both as each is
>costing poor little Vic > $100,000 a year.
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