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Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Wed Oct 4 11:14:53 AEST 2006

$quoted_author = "Glen Turner" ;
> Has Tuesday's The Australian computer supplement become even
> more dire over the past year?

SMH/Age's Next is not much better...

> And the whole supplement is full of this sort of vendor-
> driven puffery.  Or reprinting of PR releases.

...the only deviation was puff pieces for two Asterisk installations last


M. Cullen  "I suffered from chronic hypochondria for years, eventually went to
	    a naturopath, and was cured with a course of broad-spectrum
	    placebos." [1]

[1] - http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/12/08/1070732142498.html

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