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Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Wed Oct 4 17:49:05 AEST 2006

On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 04:14:34PM +1000, Danny Yee wrote:
> Glen Turner wrote:
> > Has Tuesday's The Australian computer supplement become even
> > more dire over the past year?
> Is it as bad as its science coverage?  Shilling for the climate change
> denialists seems worse than inanities about popular consumer goods.

what do you expect? the coal and oil industries advertise. scientists
don't. also, the same small class of people own significant numbers of
shares in the media companies as own shares in fossil fuel industries.
the papers know which side their bread is buttered on.

the mainstream media will always have a right-wing bias because it takes
serious money to publish mainstream media, and right wing propaganda is
in the interests of the moneyed classes. always has been and always will

some of the more ethical media organisations will also have a small
handful of centre-left writers, just to provide (proof of) "balance"
in their reporting....but they'll only ever be allowed to do soft,
middle-class "feel good" kind of stuff.

that's also why the ABC, which actually aims for balance in their
coverage, is under constant attack by the right wing; it's why the govt
trying to dumb it down by producing more and more drama series rather
than journalism; and why the ABC has started to broadcast crap american
propaganda like West Wing and some stupid show i saw a week or two
ago about the life and times of a future ~2050 president and his
brother. it's the beginning of the end - first start by making the ABC
indistinguishable from the commercial channels.


ps: i saw An Incovenient Truth the other day....and i wondered if Gore
would have actually been allowed to do anything really positive if the
2000 election hadn't been stolen from him, or whether he would have just
knuckled under to his corporate masters who paid for him to be elected.
i suspect the best he could have done was avoid doing anything really
negative, like joining the car manufacturers in suing California as Bush

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