[LINK] Re: RFID in Govt, and in People

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Oct 4 22:50:43 AEST 2006

At 06:29 PM 4/10/2006, Geoff Ramadan wrote:
>1) what device did you use to read the passport?

Actually it wasn't a single device, but easily could be, obviously.  I 
don't want to go into details in a public(ish) place.

>2) how was the passport presented. Was it opened or closed?

Didn't matter.  I had it in my pocket.  OK, I guess that means closed.

But remember, and whether this next statement is relevant or not is 
debatable, we did not use a "normal" reader or method of exciting and reading.

But then sticking swipe readers and cameras onto ATM's isn't normal either.

>3) could you read it while it was closed.

I guess as it was in my pocket, the answer is yes.

I'm looking at building a key fob sized reader that will work to around say 
4 meters running off a 12 volt mini battery and transmitting it's data 
stream to a PDA :)  But I'm not likely to do that until all the legal crude 
I'm dealing with is over.

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