[LINK] Re: RFID in Govt, and in People

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Thu Oct 5 11:21:19 AEST 2006

Geoff Ramadan wrote:
> Marghanita
> Computers, data collection and Privacy laws existed prior to the current 
> introduction of RFID in libraries, and computerised barcoding systems 
> would have to comply with privacy legislation (or should have).
> i.e. these are all existing issues prior to RFID.
> What NEW privacy concerns are specifically raised because of RFID?
> I suspect none, yet somehow they are attributed to "RFID".

It is the ease of tracking that RFID offers over Barcodes that raises 
issues....identifying people or their habbits by their rubbish bins and 
their contents, where they live by tracking where the book/clothing 
goes...are these applications are in the realms of science fiction or 
now legitimate objectives.

Also, as RFID does have valuable appliacations it is necessary to ensure 
that the side effects/enhancements to existing applications are 
legitimate. The issue is whether the existing privacy laws are 
sufficient and secondly whether they are effective.

It isn't the technology but its application that is being questioned.

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