[LINK] Re: RFID in Govt, and in People

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Thu Oct 5 18:46:20 AEST 2006

Geoff Ramadan wrote:
>> Secondly, RFID opens up the possibility for remote sensing that 
>> 'simple' paper-based (ie barcode) systems did not - you cannot have a 
>> system set up outside the library door to scan the barcodes of 
>> unsuspecting borrowers leaving the library, you might be able to with 
>> rfid tags.
> why would you bother?
> they already know you have the book. If you took it with out going 
> through the proper channels the alarm would go of.
> If you are really that concerned that "others" may surreptitiously read 
> it, then you or the librarian can insert a aluminum foil sheet. Problem 
> solved.

I'm not worried - its the principle.
You asked a question, I gave an answer.

> My understanding RFID passports have a metal thread woven into one page, 
> making the RFID tag impossible to read.

Yes, but the point is that it must be shown that the new systems aren't 
'worse' than the old ones. It isn't adequate to loftily tell me that it 
can't happen.
See the earlier email claims from Adam Todd (IIRC)

Lea de Groot

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