[LINK] Please stop feeding the troll

Robert Hart hartr at interweft.com.au
Fri Oct 6 11:00:48 AEST 2006


Please can we stop feeding the troll?

I know I have succumbed to the temptation many times in the past as his 
logical non sequitors and vituperative lashing of anything to the left 
of Adolf Hitler cry out for balance on a publicly archived list. 
However, he really is not interested in debate, nor in hearing and 
assessing views contrary to his own.

Ignoring the drivel he puts out will ease all of our souls and whilst I 
doubt he will stop behaving as he does, we will not have these endless, 
unenthralling threads that spiral around his unreason.

Let us leave him to maunder in his self constructed unreality. He will 
then become background noise.

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