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Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Fri Oct 6 18:42:08 AEST 2006

'Commie' again, Vic?

Give it a rest, Old Son. Consign it to the dump of PVITBUBRAAWTETYUR 
(pointless Vic insults to be used by reflex against anyone who takes 
exception to your uninspired ramblings).

I mean ... just because someone disagrees with you doesn't 
necessarily mean they lean in any way to the left. They may simply be 
looking for logic where there is none. They may be looking for common 
sense where it is markedly lacking. They may be looking for depth in 
the oh-so-shallow pool of your opinions. They may be looking for 
inspiration is your tiny bucket (nay - tin) of ideas.

Hell Vic ... they may even be looking for value in your argument.

Now many of us could tell them that is a vain hope ... that your main 
contribution is noise, that you don't have anything resembling a mind 
that could even create an idea (which you are so obsessed with 
protecting the copyright of), that the sheer improbability of any 
idea surfacing in that murky obsessed cess pool you call a mind  is 
probably why you are so concerned about protecting same in the 
unlikely event that it appears, and that given that - "Hey, don't 
take our resident moron seriously."

Trouble is that you're an in-your-face type of cretin - which usually 
means that by the time this good advice has gotten to the person you 
most recently offended, the kerfuffle and bother is in full swing - 
and a day or two or three of uncomfortable hot and bothered much ado 
about nothing is in the offing.

So, I'll give you a bit of forewarning now my mentally challenged 
friend ... if that happens, I suddenly have the time and inclination 
to join in.

You raised this stupid topic. You persisted with it. And you have now 
reverted to your tiresome and uninspired ad-hominem attacks as soon 
as it got uncomfortable for you.

Dare I hope that it will continue further?

At 6:20 AM +1000 on 6/10/06 you wrote:
>Jim Birch [jbirch at multinode.com.au] wrote:
>>  Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>  >Jim Birch [jbirch at multinode.com.au] wrote:
>>  > 
>>  >>Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>  >>   
>>  >>>Nothing could be further from the truth. This was a struggle fought by
>>  >>>individuals on behalf of the individual spirit.
>>  >>>     
>>  >>Make up your mind. One minute you're telling us all any leftish
>>  >>political system is doomed by virtue of it's economic inefficiency, and
>>  >>then, suddenly it turns out that it's the heroic actions of a few
>>  >>selfless individuals that saved the day.
>>  >>   
>>  >
>>  >this quote is from john howard your prime minister.
>>  > 
>>  Correct.  So tell me what you were saying when you posted it.  You seem
>>  to be disowning it.
>no you are just determined to project your nonsensical and farcical
>interpretations on everything. but then what can one expect from a
>commie. nothing other then the usual pessimism and elitism, the
>foundation characteristics for self deception, intelectual dishonest and
>a superficial world view of all leftists.
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