[LINK] Canberra launches class action

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Fri Oct 6 19:03:34 AEST 2006

Oh Brilliant comeback, my neuronically challenged hoon.

You're a real Wit, Vic ... how is it coming with the book? ("Wit of Vic")

And 'challenge' Vic? That's overstating it a bit, Ace. I mean 
'challenge' implies some attribute or talent or position that is 
difficult to surmount. Your opinions (sorry Chief, I can't call them 
'arguments') usually represent the copying and pasting (or 
plagiarisation) of an article by some demented conservative 
marginally to the right of the neo-conservatives, who happens to 
agree with either one or the other of the two ideas that seem to 
embrace the totality of the Vic Cinc view of the world ("what's mine 
is mine and what's yours is mine"). Where's the challenge in shooting 
them down in flames?

I mean, Old Chump ... you seem to go out of your way to paint a 
really big target on your ass, assist the opposition in lining up a 
high calibre firearm by placing it up the spout, and then erupting 
when he pulls the trigger in response to your (pathetically) defiant 
screams to "Pull, the trigger! Go on ... pull the trigger. I dare 
you! You ain't got the guts!"

Your pithy arguments are no challenge at all, Vic


At 1:24 PM +1000 6/10/06, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>Kim Holburn [kim at holburn.net] wrote:
>>  You know Howard, sometimes I think you are the good troll to the 
>>  spokesmidget's bad troll.  You often reply to him as though what he 
>>  posts makes sense and to encourage discussion.
>your problem and roberts problem is you cant stand anything that challenges
>your narrow and limited world views. get over it.
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