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  * Opportunity No. FIN06AGI013 - Free and Open Source Software Survey 
of Australian Government Agencies for work category Management 
advisory services, with tender type Request for Tender - View Details 

[It's important that this be performed by a consultancy with no axe 
to grind, and with a sufficient understanding of FOSS not to 
structure the study in ways that influence the results (e.g. by 
asking the wrong questions, or omitting to ask ones that matter). 
Fortunately, AGIMO appears to have considerable background in the 
topic, so a *really* dumb survey seems unlikely.  But will it deliver 

[Although this will probably go to an established consultancy group 
(not necessarily a large one, because price matters to the Clth), 
smaller consultancies can influence the assignment by throwing their 
towels in the ring, and indicating in their tenders what approach and 
research design they consider is needed.  In particular, can a fixed 
questionnaire-based survey, with or without web-support, deliver the 
depth of knowledge needed?


2.8 The objective of this survey is to determine the usage, impact 
and adoption of open source solutions within the Australian 
Government and to raise the level of understanding within government 
of why and how the open source paradigm and its products, services 
and communities are important.

2.9 The survey will provide AGIMO with:

  A view of what agencies are using open source and in what applications;

 An outline of the current understanding of OSS by agencies;

 Identification of agency future intentions to assist in determining 
the market for OSS;

 Identification of the real and perceived benefits and risks, 
advantages and disadvantages of OSS solutions;

 An idea of the future challenges and opportunities in OSS; and

 Identification of potential case study applications for government.

2.11 AGIMO has developed a draft set of survey questions based on 
[Canadian, European and Tasmanian] surveys. Necessary releases 
concerning copyright and intellectual property have been obtained. 
This draft is at Schedule 8.

3.1 In consultation with AGIMO, the contractor is required to:

3.1.1 Prepare a project plan covering major milestones and 
methodology for the conduct of the survey, data collection and back 
end processing, validation of statistics and compilation of 
statistical and analytical results.

3.1.2 Review and refine the draft survey questionnaire at Schedule 8 
and make recommendations for any revisions to this with regard to 
survey quality (eg leading questions/ non response/ logics, question 
content, design, context and structure).

3.1.3 Develop one or more appropriate mechanisms for agencies to 
efficiently complete the survey. It is envisaged that the primary 
survey mechanism will be online, although it is anticipated that some 
agencies will require an alternative mechanism - eg a printable copy 
that may be faxed back. Alternative mechanisms may include paper, 
phone or email.

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