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 From Media Release
> “Computers now have an amazing capacity to capture, store and match personal information that is routinely collected,” ALRC President Professor Weisbrot said today.
> “Just by surfing the web, you may reveal vast amounts of personal information, often without your knowledge—for example, your health, education, credit history, and sexual or political orientation.
at <http://www.alrc.gov.au/media/2006/mr0910.htm>

and Issues paper at

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200610/s1758243.htm
> A major review of Australia's privacy laws has found people's views on 
> the issue are changing.
> The Australian Law Reform Commission is conducting the review because of 
> rapid technological advances.
> The commission says some people are concerned by 'Big Brother' style 
> surveillance and advances in technology, but others find there are too 
> many obstacles in accessing information.
> The commission's president, Professor David Weisbrot, says he is hoping 
> to get a clearer understanding of attitudes to privacy in different 
> situations.
> "People are ambivalent so in the same conversation, people will say how 
> they're nervous about Big Brother and all of their information being 
> gathered by public agencies or by private enterprise," he said.
> "And in the next, they'll talk about how an area that's a bit dangerous 
> might need surveillance cameras.
> "On the one hand they love to use their own computers and to shop on the 
> Internet, but they're also concerned about all the information that's 
> being collected about them, both by government and by private industry."
> He also says there is a generational gap, with people over the age of 40 
> more nervous about the implications of new technology.
> "Younger people seem to be quite happy to post pictures, stories, all 
> kinds of intimate information about themselves on the Internet," he said.
> The commission is seeking public feedback and industry submissions 
> before handing its findings to the Government in 2008.

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