[LINK] Canberra launches class action

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Oct 9 10:35:34 AEST 2006

At 09:18 AM 9/10/2006, Tom Worthington wrote:
>At 12:03 PM 10/6/2006, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>"NATIONAL board of studies with control of a uniform curriculum is being 
>>proposed by the Howard Government to free schools from "Chairman 
>>Mao"-type ideologies" ...
>By an amazing coincidence the Link Institute just released:
>                         LINK INSTITUTE LINKGRAM
>         Revolutionary Software to Generate Standard Australian School Readers
>Canberra 6 October: Answering the Federal Government's call to end the 
>bias in education, the Link Institute has announced its LBB software system.
>An advantage of the new system is that updates can be undertaken daily. 
>All educational materials can be reissued to reflect the changes in 
>history. LBB will automatically update all learning materials each day, 
>including citations and references in linked scholarly work.

George Orwell would be proud!

>Professor Klerphel said: "There was a large maintenance task in keeping 
>published material up to date with the latest in government thinking about 
>the past.

Does it include the removal and replacement of documents or 
information?  There is little point having a search facility that doesn't 
for example, take a person psychiatric medical file on their private web 
site showing how incompetent a government is, and replace it with a new 
clean version showing how incompetent the person is.

If the original material is capable of being discovered it creates 
conflict.  We have enough of an issue trying to debate globally whether 
Pluto is a planet with millions of dollars being spent daily on trying to 
rationalise an answer.

I know, I know, Pluto is a gazzlion years travel away, but lets face it, if 
it's not a planet there are decades of issues and psychological injuries to 
deal with.  Think of the class action by people who thought and believed it 
was a planet.

>As an example the Australian Government has had a consistent policy for 
>decades of criticizing countries for developing nuclear weapons. Of 
>course, which countries are criticized changes from time to time, due to 
>alliances and trade agreements. The need to go back and make history 
>consistent with current policy takes a lot of work. The new system will 
>update all school and university text books overnight and remove any 
>inconsistences in published papers, making the teaching of history much 
>more efficient. When their is a new trade agreement any mention of a 
>'military dictator threatening their neighbors with nuclear Armageddon' 
>can be quickly changed to 'a strong leader who understands the need for 
>diversified energy production'."

But what about individually created web sites?  I don't read many text books.

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