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The ANU's National Centre For Information Systems 
Research runs good free seminars. The next one is 
on how to get board members to worry about ICT 
investment and is recommended. Details below, or 
a hypertext enhanced version at 

Seminar Title:  Building Better Boards: The IT Governance Value Chain
Speaker:        Professor Michael Parent, Simon 
Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada
Time/Date:      3 – 4.30 pm, Friday, 27 October, 2006
Location:       Theatre 1, Ground Floor, HW Arndt 
Bldg #25 (off Kingsley St) followed by 
refreshments in Faculty Suite, First Floor of Bldg #25.
Cost:           No charge
RSVP:           Margaret Craig, by 24 October, 
2006 (02) 6125 0532  Margaret.Craig at anu.edu.au

The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) inexorably 
changed the composition, role, and 
responsibilities of Boards, ‘C’-level officers, 
and senior public-sector officials in 
organizations worldwide.  While sound knowledge 
of these roles as they pertain to fiduciary 
responsibilities has emerged in the Finance and 
Accounting  literatures, considerably less 
attention has been devoted to understanding the 
nature of, and concomitant duty-of-care towards 
information assets in the organization, or IT 
Governance (ITG).  Technology accounts for more 
than one-third of all capital spending – far and 
away the largest single such expenditure by 
organizations.  Professor Parent argues that 
Board members and Officials in public-sector 
organizations are neglecting these critical 
investments.  To address this gap, he presents a 
model developed using recent cases of Canadian 
and Australian organizations, the IT Governance 
Value Chain, that outlines specific areas of ITG 
risk, and the actions directors and senior 
functionaries can take to mitigate this risk.

Speaker details:
Michael Parent is currently a Visiting Professor 
at The University of Queensland Business School, 
where he is conducting research on the governance 
of information assets in organizations.  He holds 
MBA and PhD degrees from Queen’s University 
(Kingston), Canada.  An experienced executive 
educator, he has designed and delivered programs 
for a variety of organizations, including McCain 
Foods International, SASOL, Bosch Industries, 
Provident Healthcare, the Haisla Business 
Development Corporation, and government agencies 
in Canada and China. He is a faculty member with 
the Institute of Corporate Directors (Canada), an 
affiliated researcher with the CIBC Centre for 
Corporate Governance & Risk Management, and 
Associate Professor of Management Information 
Systems at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), Canada.

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