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At 08:44 AM 10/10/2006, brd at iimetro.com.au wrote:
>According to analysts, the Australian Competition and Consumer Affairs
>Commission's (ACCC) inability to enforce its own anti-monopoly broadband laws
>has allowed Telstra to stall ADSL2+ and Fibre to Node development until 
>to do so by its competitors or through regulations, which could be as late as

Sounds like what happened with the delay in Tel$tra installing the next 
generation network. As has been said on ABC this morning, 3 has been around 
since 2003.  Their problem is coverage. Optus is advertising their 3G 
product like crazy (love the ad with the giraffe looking in the woman's 
bedroom). Tel$tra should fix the coverage issue. But as most have also said 
on the call-in, people don't use the features, but the cost of the plans 
were lower, sort of like ADSL2 plans versus ADSL.


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