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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at
Tue Oct 10 10:44:17 AEST 2006

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> The whole "mobile equals broadband" is smoke and bulldust anyhow, and it 
> sets me rant-bound just to hear people talking as if this is going to 
> save the world.  The 14M bps everyone's in love with is a "peak 
> downlink"speed; the vendor documents talk about "average user 
> throughput" of 500K to 1.1M, and even that ignores (a) concurrent 
> traffic from other users on the same cell, and (b) distance from the 
> cell (because throughput falls as the signal gets weaker).
> People also forget that to get broadband you don't just need a downlink; 
> you also need backhaul. Is there any evidence that the microwave links 
> connecting base stations to the network will support, say, 100 
> simultaneous users running data sessions as well as maintaining voice 
> connectivity? Has this even been discussed? Nope.
Rather than ranting on what Telstra should or shouldn't be doing,
shouldn't the discussion move to regulation and government funding of
services in areas where competition fails?

What will the taxpayer be willing to fund?

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