[LINK] "Public sector priorities under pressure" more access card FUD

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Tue Oct 10 13:45:40 AEST 2006

There is a piece in today's Australia which doesn't seem to be on the web

Public sector priorities under pressure
Government Technology, special report
Ian Grayson
The Australian

It says, in part:
A second project, carried out by consultancy KPMG, was to develop a business
case and detailed costing for the smartcard.


Concerns have been raised about the future total cost of the massive project,
which opponents say will not lead to a robust and manageable health records
system, as was hoped.


Anybody any idea who these opponents are, or is it just journalistic invention?
It's cerainly not contributing to an informed debate.

Unlike Professor David Weisbrot, these "opponents" are quite right. The Access
Card is designed to facilitate access to government services, it is not, will
not and can't be a health records system.

If anyone wants a "robust and manageable health records system" they should go
and talk with Tony Abbott - he's the one who's effectively killed it.


Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Sydney Australia
brd at iimetro.com.au

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