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At 8:55 +1000 11/10/06, Pilcher, Fred wrote:
>Roger wrote:
>>  http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061009-7941.html
>>  Crawl the Web with your fingers
>>  10/9/2006 4:15:37 PM, by Nate Anderson
>Am I correct in recalling that a couple of years ago a Japanese 
>researcher managed to cook up some gunk in his kitchen (for less 
>than $10 IIRC) that managed to fool every fingerprint scanner that 
>was thrown at it? Have they improved since then?

That's correct, but it's not the vulnerability I'm on about.

The gummi attack requires access to either the thumb, or a 
good-enough image generated from the thumb.

There are other forms of attack that can be based simply on the 
'template' that's generated from the print.  And that means that the 
fraudster need never go anywhere near the individual, or even know 
much about them.

In this case (judging by the description on the company's site), the 
template is a list of the features of the thumbprint, and their 
locations.  (This is a conventional approach to extracting a template 
from thumb- and fingerprints).

It's been demonstrated that such templates can be easily used to 
perform masquerade, without access to the thumb or an image of it.

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