[LINK] Strange phone calls

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Oct 11 23:33:37 AEST 2006

Yep it's phone spam!

They reply on you having callerID and then calling back, to be told you 
have won a price and to call a 1900 number etc etc.

I have actually started getting them on my mobile - the one connected to my 
server for sending SMS messages!  It's really funny!  I should SMS them and 
make them call my 1900 number!

We've also had a recording of short ring calls on our landline the last 
month quite regularly.  If we answer it, no one is there, if we don't 
answer it, it only rings about 3 times, enough for CID to register!

Of Course our landline isn't for voice calls, but I grab it sometimes :)

At 07:23 PM 11/10/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Has anyone had any experience receiving hung up phone calls from 02 8002 
>2700 on fixed line phones.  I have just received 2 in the past half 
>hour.  The calls must ring about 3-4 time in total, but the delay in my 
>Asterisk system means that the extension only rings once.  I can't find 
>any reference in my reverse number lookup facility and Google presents 
>nothing.  I suspect it might be similar to the scam that was attacking 
>mobile phone, but this time it attacks fixed lines.
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