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Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Fri Oct 13 13:23:44 AEST 2006

Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 10:08 +1000 13/10/06, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
>> "Real Time Location Systems" (RTLS) based on ACTIVE  RFID tags is 
>> nothing new, and is becoming popular to track major assets (eg in 
>> hospitals).
> [So airport passengers are "major assets" ??]
You could call them that if you want, but I did not say this. I was just 
demonstrating the similarity between tracking, non-human major assets, 
to what is being proposed here, and that what is being proposed is 
technically quite easy to do now.

 From a technical perspective, there is no difference.

> [It's breath-taking how readily technologists and marketers devise 
> means to remove personal freedoms, reduce human beings to the level of 
> mere things, and then talk about the people afflicted by their 
> products as though they were factors of production, or items on an 
> assets register]
I also find it breath-taking how quickly people demonise Technologist 
and somehow we are part of some conspiracy theory in devising ways to 
remove personal freedoms.

I am sure this was not part of the technical brief given to the solution 

However, it is clear that Users have not given enough consideration to 
privacy issues. The question is who responsibility is this? The User, 
the Technologist, Consultant etc.
eg. Brief to technologist
1) devise a system the can track passenger movement, but minimise any 
2) devise a system the can track passenger movement, but minimise any 
inconvenience WHILE taking into consideration privacy issues etc.

I would also doubt if most "Technologist" have this level of expertise 
or understanding about privacy.
> [Yes, thanks Geoffrey, the follow-on email contains valuable info, 
> some of which may find its way onto this page:
> http://www.anu.edu.au/people/Roger.Clarke/DV/PrivCorp-0609.html
Education and awareness is a good place to start.

I will also cross link with our page:

I would suggest to privacy advocates that they have a role to play in 
educating Users and Technologis about privacy issues, and not simply 
"demonise" us all the time because we may ignorant or uninformed.


Geoffrey Ramadan B.E.(Elec)
Chairman, Automatic Data Capture Association (www.adca.com.au)
Managing Director, Unique Micro Design (www.umd.com.au)

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