[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Sat Oct 14 07:27:23 AEST 2006

Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
> Glen Turner wrote:
>> So the concern is, how effective are these systems.  And any
>> tagging system for the public in airports obviously just isn't
>> good enough.
> I also agree, I don't know what the RFID tag/Passenger tracking is 
> really going to achieve. You are better of ensuring passengers don't 
> have access to restricted areas. Monitor access by authorised people, 
> not monitor all people.

But Airports are restricted areas.
You, visitors (though I don't think this happens anymore) and your hand 
luggage is scanned when you enter.
As far as I know the Boarding Passes are fed into a reader....these are 
probably due for replacement.
It would be in the passengers interest if the airport could track where 
they are and perhaps let them know what is happening with their 
flight...say if they are sitting in a lounge or bar.


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