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At 01:23 PM 13/10/2006, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
>I would also doubt if most "Technologist" have this level of 
>expertise or understanding about privacy.

see comment below

>>[Yes, thanks Geoffrey, the follow-on email contains valuable info, 
>>some of which may find its way onto this page:
>Education and awareness is a good place to start.
>I will also cross link with our page:
>I would suggest to privacy advocates that they have a role to play 
>in educating Users and Technologis about privacy issues, and not 
>simply "demonise" us all the time because we may ignorant or uninformed.


Could the reaction to concerns and criticisms being interpreted as 
'demonsing' be a sign that there are things to feel not so good 
about? If Technologis(t)(s?) aren't aware of the privacy implications 
of what they're doing by now, there is no hope. It hasn't been a 
hidden issue. And it's a bit naive or a state of denial if those who 
are pushing these technologies without consideration of the social 
implications of what they are doing is not going to be challenged by 
someone who does care about these developments.

I was speaking with someone about the airport implementation last 
night (technologists and designers and socially aware people) and 
they were appalled at this one. They also advised that the assurances 
in the industry about the effectiveness of 'chip disablers' to be 
used at point of sale are questionable. How will the customer know 
that it has really been disabled?  That is the level of mistrust that 
is even existing in the minds of those who work with these devices! 
How is the public supposed to have any level of trust? The RFID 
industry should thank their lucky stars that the public hasn't 
started asking the tough questions yet. But they well. You have a 
window of opportunity to get your act together and take these matters 
into consideration and not attack those who are thinking about them 
and FREELY feeding the information back. At least be gracious enough 
to accept the criticism as opportunities to avoid problems down the track.


Jan <tempted to make a pun about 'chips on shoulders'>

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