[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Deus Ex Machina vicc at cia.com.au
Mon Oct 16 13:32:15 AEST 2006

Karl Auer [kauer at biplane.com.au] wrote:
> Business does not have and never will have the interests
> of its customers at heart, except in so far as it MUST do, to avoid
> losing them.

you could generalise this to any relationship. if thats how you perceive
your relationships then I pity the people in your world.

your viewpoint is pure commie filth. phoey. pfft. yuk. disgusting.

business have relationship with customers. some transient some far more
intertwined. it is a perfectly normal and desireable act to find out
more about the people you have relationships with. the more you know the
better the relationship.

its people like you that are so hung up about profit and money which are
nothing more then measures of value. clearly you have no clue about
value. in fact is almost a universal leftist scotoma.

> As to "reality" the reality is that business, given half a chance, will
> exploit, pollute and destroy, because it's only measure of success is
> profit. How do I know this? Because it is the proven, demonstrated
> history of business as long as there has been such a thing.

you are less then even absolutely clueless.  if thats your view of busines
why dont you move to cuba or north korea where clearly you would be far
more comfortable.

> So lets not talk about what is reality. let's instead talk about what
> measures we can take as people to ensure that our lives are not
> dominated and controlled by those interested not in our welfare but in
> the extent to which we can enrich them.

and you seem to be a paranoid irrationalist to boot.

> How easy it is to use the word "balance". Business interests and civil
> rights are not something that have a "balance" to be found. Rights are
> givens, aimed at increasing human happiness. Business interests are
> aimed at increasing profit.

and what is the aim of profit my clueless friend? is it not to increase
human happiness? obviously you belong to that pinko class that think
that better goods and services, and better lifestyles makes one unhappy.

you are just an appologist for the worst ideas that have been
inflicted on countless millions of happless sufferers of all thing left.

profit is just a measure of value, and it is a business aim to increase
value for all its participants. no value no profit. your problem is you
dont recognise or permit other to have different forms of values, you see
yours as so almighty correct that it galls you that money is used to
measure value, and invariably others ability to create value leaves your
microscopic efforts for dead. leading to the usual commie emotions of
jealousy fear and paranoia which you clearly suffer from.


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