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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Oct 16 23:04:09 AEST 2006

At 05:42 PM 16/10/2006, Frank O'Connor wrote:
>Ahhh ... the Lad with the attention span of a budgie on Speed is back.
>'Profit is just a measure of value' ... no it's not my economic moron.

Actually isn't profit a measure of excessive pricing in a monopolistic or 
limited competitive market?

If I'm the only person making WX41's and I'm the only person selling them 
and you MUST have a WX41 four times a day and I decide to charge $200 for 
each WX41, but in reality is only costs 5 cents to make, and you can't make 
one because I'll sue your red little arse for patent infringements, then is 
Profit a measure of value or a measure of abuse?

With profit too, comes Community responsibility.  Putting back into the 
community so it will continue to support you and your enterprise.  If you 
only ever TAKE from the community, eventually the community runs out of 
money and can't pay you, then you're profits fall, so you increase prices, 
and less people buy your products.

Anyone see the story about the Woollies in that small country town that's 
going broke because the community has decided to let the local IGA make 3 
cents more profit on a trolley!

But then apparently the IGA gives 1% of turn over back to local sponsorship 
in the community, so it's really probably a 10 cent loss!

Which of course is tax deductible, however the community benefits, 
especially sponsored sporting events in summer, so the IGA must increase 
it's stocks of fluids and oranges!

>Profit is the bit left in your pocket after you have exchanged something 
>for more than its value. That's its definition, Vic

Ouch!  That's a nasty definition!  I thought profit was a god given right?

>Profit also has no aim ... moron, unless you anthropomorphise about moolah 
>like you do.

You know it's funny.  If you make 100% of all the profit in the entire 
world, and no one wants to take your profits and supply you with goods ...

>Profit can be used for certain aims - there is a distinction. And the 
>'increasing of human happiness'?

Oh you are kidding?

Money, which I think equates to profit in some peoples minds, leads to 
total human misery.

Show me anyone who has masses of money and is truly happy and doesn't envy 

I have no money and I have my wife and four kiddies!  She's still with me 
after all the attacks by my mentally ill father!

>You've been reading some Jeremy Bentham haven't you my uneducated klutz? 
>And you didn't understand a word he said ... did you? Utilitarianism ain't 
>hard to crack, Vic ... but you don't seem to have managed it.

Is that North Korea?

>It's a wonder how your intimates and friends (if there are any) tolerate you.

He's not tolerated, people just entertain themselves with testing their 
debating skills, not that it uses much skill.

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