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Tue Oct 17 11:10:07 AEST 2006

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Deus Ex Machina wrote:

> http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20586357-5007146,00.html
> Surely it's time we privatised the ABC
> "WITH its poor performance, entrenched ideological bias and
> 'Vietcong-style' industrial strife, surely it's time we sold the public
> broadcaster, maintains Rudi Michelson."

It is amazing how the kind of language and rhetoric the fascists
use is far more ideological, arrogant and divisive than anything coming
from the left at the moment.

Hearing this crap recently shows how far we've come down the road
towards a totalitarian state that cannot tolerate the smallest
piece of criticism without resorting to demonising those who oppose

There is more than a touch of Dr Goebbels in the reactionary
commentaries in the recent weeks,
such as Industrial Relations,
education, the new ABC directives and any attempt to lobby
against any of the govt's pet initiatives, such as nuclear power,
global warming and the economy.

The same old game from the 1930's is being played right out here in Australia.
The Nazi's are back and stupid Vicc is in their ranks, holding their
standard high and singing Horst Wessel at the top of his voice.

Heil Howard.

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