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Is this multicultural application of the net? ... or a sacrilege? ;-)

>For those interested in the AFL match in London this weekend, read on.
>Geelong and Port Adelaide meet in the AFL clash at the Oval this 
>Saturday October 21.
>BBC London will be streaming live audio of the match.
>Coverage starts at 1:30 London time, that's 10:30 Saturday evening 
>in Eastern Australia.
>BBC London is one of the 40 local radio stations in England and like 
>its counterparts delivers lots of live sport all year round, on a 
>range of platforms including the internet.
>For further details go to bbc.co.uk/london, click on 'sport' and 
>then 'live commentaries'.  Or you can go directly to the info page 
>That's where you'll find the link to the live stream.
>Not sure what the standard of commentary will be, but hats off to 
>BBC for giving it a go.  Such an initiative is to be applauded.

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