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Frank O'Connor [foconnor at] wrote:
> Me?... I like profit, Vic. I live on my profits - but I don't equate 
> them in any way, shape or form with 'value'

of course you dont, because you are blind to it.

if you did you wouldnt be bringing up accounting. because I certainly wasnt talking accouting.

I was talking about value, something I have yet to see any leftie grasp.

here are a couple of primers:

The Machine That Changed the World : The Story of Lean Production

	New York Times Magazine
	"The fundamentals of this system are applicable to every industry across
	the globe...[and] will have a profound impact on human society it will
	truly change the world."

Lean Thinking : Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation

	"In the revised and updated edition of Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and
	Create Wealth in Your Corporation, authors James P. Womack and Daniel T.
	Jones provide a thoughtful expansion upon their value-based business
	system based on the Toyota model"

see no accounting required, just an understanding of value.

the time, space, matter and energy expended to modify the inputs of a
business to produce the output that a customer is prepare to pay for are
the value that a business has created. this value is real economic value
where it exceeds the cost of capital.

this fact is underscored by the position that the perception of value by a
customer in a good or service is brought into existance by exchange of funds
for that good or service. this crystalisation of the value add to the inputs of a company 
is the company profits.

"All businesses must define the "value" that they produce as the product
that best suits customer needs. The leaders must then identify and
clarify the "value stream," the nexus of actions to bring the product
through problems solving, information management, and physical
transformation tasks. Next, "lean enterprise" lines up suppliers with
this value stream. "Flow" traces the product across departments. "Pull"
then activates the flow as the business re-orients towards the pull of
the customer's needs. Finally, with the company reengineered towards its
core value in a flow process, the business re-orients towards
"perfection," rooting out all the remaining muda (Japanese for "waste")
in the system. "

where waste is the opposite of value, muda being things the customer is
not prepared to pay for. aspects of the product or service that are not
value are muda.

in other words business are value creation machines whose primary
purpose is to enhance peoples lives by creating value for everyone

> Business got along quite fine without double entry accounting for 
> thousands of years, Vic ... and just because you choose to stray into 
> whatever logic and mentality that suits your purpose when it suits 
> your purpose does not make your disjointed illogical ramblings about 
> your obsessions any more logical, palatable or sensible

make a fucking effort frank. youll find that not only are posts logical
and sensible but you might actually learn something if you could put
aside your insults for a moment.

someone said I was like a meat eater in a vegetarian conference or some
such nonsense.

no I am more like columbus in the new world, heralding the arrival of a
little bit of change. :)


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