Attacks on pluralism (was: Re: [LINK] Surely it's time we privatised the ABC)

Kim Holburn kim at
Wed Oct 18 13:25:54 AEST 2006

On 2006 Oct 18, at 11:05 AM, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> Craig Sanders [cas at] wrote:
>> your posts are mocked because of the moronic football-barracker
>> manner in which you express them, not because they're right wing. you
>> contribute nothing worthwhile to any debate, you just drown it out  
>> with
>> jingoistic sloganeering, reducing everything to an infantile  
>> equation of
>> "all things good = capitalism, all things bad = commie under the  
>> bed".
>> i.e. the fact that you are a right-wing troll is incidental to the  
>> fact
>> that you are a troll. you'd be just as pointlessly irritating no  
>> matter
>> what opinions you were expressing.
> no thats complete rubish. it make no difference to how nicely or
> detailed I post things they get the same response. in fact you have  
> been
> one of the worst offenders. currently its frank. mostly I
> dont read the bulk of franks responses because its just one endless  
> insult.

You admit you don't actually read his posts.

The insults only ever involve you Vic.  Giving or taking, on this  
list all insults are to or from you.  No other list members insult  
each other.

> manners dont seem to be an issue when its one of the boys (or  
> girls) dishing it out.

They are clearly not an issue for you.

> no one ever posts, hey frank take it easy, they just sit back and in
> tacit consent. that leaves me no choice but to delete 90% of what  
> frank
> writes without reading it, occasionally ill suffer one of his post to
> see if he has stoped. no he dont stop. just insult after insult. posts
> devoid of any value other then entertainment and brown nosing for  
> peers.
> it may surprise you that I do get emails from people that find  
> value in
> what I post.

It certainly does, although you have made one or two slightly  
interesting comments since I've been on the list.  That's not a good  

> that doesnt surprise me. because there is often a lot of value
> in my posts.

So you say, but you aren't willing to take peer review on that are  
you?  And it seems to me you are virtually admitting you are getting  
paid to make them.  You have found someone who values them?  Wow!!  

> just some people find them too challenging. I cant help that.

Spam, unwanted bulk emails are known as spam and yes, spam is  

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