Attacks on pluralism (was: Re: [LINK] Surely it's time we privatised the ABC)

Frank O'Connor foconnor at
Wed Oct 18 14:51:54 AEST 2006

Ohh ... oh - have I offended you Vic?

Please accept my earnest mea culpa .

I must make sure to find the right ( I mean it's gotta be right!) 
self-flaggelation technique to atone for my misdeeds.

I don't suppose you've looked at the cause and effect angle here?

I mean something must stimulate these bursts of insult and vitriol in 
you direction.

Perhaps ... just perhaps you could use the peasantry in the list as a 
sort of experiment.

See, they foolishly believe that life is a reciprocal arrangement. 
Treat others with respect ... and they'll return it. Treat them like 
crap ... and they'll return that in spades.

Perhaps there's some minor flaw in your character or mail list 
technique (that they are obviously misinterpreting) that makes them 
'pick on you'. Hard to believe, I know ... but we could be onto 
something here.

I can't for myself credit why these legions who support you haven't 
raised their objections more publicly ... but I'm sure we'll convince 
them to stand up for the principle of 'Vic Uber Alles'.

Your infinite capacity for blaming others, delusions of grandeur and 
myopic self absorption makes me long to know what you are currently 
smoking. Hey, I want some of it for myself!


At 11:05 AM +1000 on 18/10/06 you wrote:
>no thats complete rubish. it make no difference to how nicely or
>detailed I post things they get the same response. in fact you have been
>one of the worst offenders. currently its frank. mostly I
>dont read the bulk of franks responses because its just one endless insult.
>manners dont seem to be an issue when its one of the boys (or girls) 
>dishing it out.
>no one ever posts, hey frank take it easy, they just sit back and in
>tacit consent. that leaves me no choice but to delete 90% of what frank
>writes without reading it, occasionally ill suffer one of his post to
>see if he has stoped. no he dont stop. just insult after insult. posts
>devoid of any value other then entertainment and brown nosing for peers.
>it may surprise you that I do get emails from people that find value in
>what I post. that doesnt surprise me. because there is often a lot of value
>in my posts. just some people find them too challenging. I cant help that.
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