[LINK] Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on Day Zero: Better Than Firefox?

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Thu Oct 19 23:21:11 AEST 2006

At 7:58 PM +1000 on 19/10/06 Howard wrote:
>Frank O'Connor wrote:
>>>Do people not care anymore?
>>I don't care about size all that much anymore ... other than that a 
>>large size could indicate some inefficient design and coding, and 
>>may result in increased complexity and prospective points of 
>>failure. I mean 100 megabytes takes bugger all time to download on 
>>a broadband connection, and you barely notice the 15 Mb of IE7.
>It might take bugger all time, but if you're still paying traffic 
>based tariffs then it is significant.

As with most ISP's, you can select your download limit in the plan.

Mine's reasonable (10 + 10 Gb) and regarded as a low-end plan, and 
I've never exceeded it ... so, I've prepaid for something I never 
even look like exceeding anyway.

As I said ... net result of a software download costs me bugger all.

The ISP pays a cost ... but presumably they've built that into my 
plan anyway and are making some sort of profit on the deal.

That said ... everything has a cost - agreed, and if they had a lower 
end broadband plan with the speed and performance I want I'd probably 
go for it - but they don't.


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