[LINK] Open-source intelligence at work

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Oct 20 12:38:43 AEST 2006

At 08:22 PM 19/10/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:

>Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>Kim Holburn [kim at holburn.net] wrote:
>>>>A Village Voice story, which Steven Bellovin mentioned on a crypto
>>>>mailing list, details how "planespotters" used air traffic control
>>>>data, registration information, flight plans and Freedom of
>>>>Information Act requests to document CIA torture flights.
>>terrible isnt that the US is actually fighting back against islamo
>Wrong again.  It's US citizens with a conscience who are fighting back 
>against fascism on the part of their own government.

Grab Arron Russo's documentary Feature "America: From Freedom to Fascism" I 
saw it in Cannes and met Arron and his team and boy I tell you, it's title 
could so easily have been "Australia: From Convict to Fascism" and the 
story would still be the same.

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