[LINK] privacy protection for phone number database

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Oct 21 00:00:43 AEST 2006

At 08:13 PM 20/10/2006, Lea de Groot wrote:
>Adam Todd wrote:
>>Just tell them you want a NULL entry :)  Simple!
>>Or even better try another carrier.  I can give you some referrals in 
>>private if you like :)
>Oh, heck, this really was years ago - early 90s at the latest, IIRC
>We wouldn't even have a landline now, if the mobiles worked out here in 
>the boonies :)

What Telstra isn't providing the coverage they are required!  I'll bet your 
landline is noisy too!

>But I think they had no problem with not listing me... provided I paid the 

Yes but WHY do you have to pay a FEE to not be listed!  That's 
absurd!  It's almost like a penalty for wanting to have a private 
number.  "Oh you want to be secret huh?  You can pay for that."


When I agree to purchasing a telephone service I do NOT agree to my name 
and address being published.  It's NOT optional.

When I buy Cornflakes does my name get published to tell everyone I bought 

And if a Police Officer comes to my home and I publish the details and 
their identity - I'm in trouble!  What a joke!

>I still think its strange to have to pay a fee *not* to be listed! :)

My point exactly!  Be better if they charged a fee to be published. Paper 
Phone book would be a hell of a lot smaller!

Save a few trees.

Good for the environment.

Less ink and power used to print.

Less fuel to deliver.

Less waste when it gets tossed each year.

Think Green, not obscene!

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