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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 12:07 PM 21/10/2006, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
>You will notice that I have been taking up issues and also trying to 
>ask very specific questions about privacy, for example in asking 
>about the legal basis of some of the issues that have arisen etc, to 
>help try and get some understanding.... not all of which I don't 
>think have been answered satisfactory

Yes, you have. The problem is that the current laws are weak and 
non-specific, so the answers aren't often there. But that doesn't 
mean we don't need the regulatory framework, be it law (highest 
protection) or codes (weakest because of the divergent agendas). I 
asked someone to point me to the 'law', or anything, that was assumed 
to exist regulating point of sale data matching. The people who said 
it existed and for me not to worry about it with regard to RFID 
applications in retail haven't been able to supply it yet. So until I 
see it, I'll continue to suggest that some restriction on data 
matching in the back end systems at point of sale needs to be 
considered. So far, a peak body is resisting.

Geoff, if you know what this might be, or anyone else, please advise me.

>Furthermore, I recently raised my concerns with our Association and 
>advised, though we have done some work in addressing these in the 
>past, we will need to do lot more to address these issue in the near 
>future including better promotion.

That's great, Geoff.

>Though I am in the early stages of putting this together, I hope to 
>solicit this forum views in helping me develop our industry response.
>I will send via separate email, details on this.


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