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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Oct 21 12:14:07 AEST 2006

I don't have a lawful street address anymore so my PO BOX is it!

I fail to see why I can't have the details I wish to PUBLISH published, 
rather than have some "authority" tell me I can't.

Anyway, these days there is plenty of choice.  Use a reseller they don't 
charge for unlisted numbers, only Silent numbers.

Tell Telstra you aren't interested in their products and services if you 
have to pay more for them to do less work.  You are happy to pay for an 
insertion entry, but not happy to pay to be removed!

God why ANYONE is still with Telstra is beyond my imagination.  I've not 
had problems with my phones in over three years now.

RSLCOM was OK till they got taken over by Commander then their customer 
services, ability to communicate with customers and fault reporting went to 
Kenny's crappers.  So avoid them at any cost!  They use to have good 
billing till the take over then the billing was a joke!  Services we 
disconnected years before were suddenly being billed!

3 is pretty good.  I rarely have any problem and I have to admit their 
Indian call centre is very helpful, even if half the time the person hasn't 
a clue because I'm "off script" and they have to seek a supervisor to get 
an answer.  But rarely do i spend more than about 10 minutes on such a call 
and it's rare I have to call.  The service itself is, well it's a mobile 
service in Australia, what do you expect?  Mind you when I was in France 
and the UK, I had NO service problems at all, no dropouts, no delays, no 
"service out of range" and I wasn't in heavily populated areas.  So really 
Australian Telcos have a lot to answer for.

I also use another carrier, whom I won't disclose on the list for fear my 
father will call them using my name, date of birth and address to have my 
phones disconnected.   The only problem I have with them has been the last 
six months I don't get their Email invoices.  I get their "over due" 
reminders, but never an invoice!  And their email to their credit 
department NEVER gets  reply.  So I call them when I'm bored and have time 
to sit and listen to music on hold and make them try and work it out.  Of 
course I can download an invoice, but I shouldn't have to REMEMBER to FIND 
the BILL they want me to pay!

Aside from that issue the phone line has been perfect.  NEVER a fault, 
whereas prior to the churn there were always faults.  NEVER an incorrect 
bill, whereas prior, there were always weird numbers or excessive length calls.

They are just, like most, a reseller, but they seem to take a little more 
time dealing with customers and they don't have an Indian call centre 
:)  But I have to admit, I'm YET to get a satisfactory solution from five 
different people on five occasions.  Like the other day I was transferred 
to their "Technical" people to try and resolve the email billing issue, but 
their DSL Technical team had no idea!

At least when I speak to 3, I speak to ONE person who OWNS the issue until 
it's resolved and it's normally resolved quickly.

I don't know what this carriers DSL is like, but I suspect it's no 
different to anyone else, considering they all pretty much use the same 
terminating DSLAM :)

At 05:53 AM 21/10/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>It's the same if you want to be listed with a PO box number instead of a 
>street address, and you have to pay if you want to have CLID presented on 
>your incoming calls.
>Lea de Groot wrote:
>>Adam Todd wrote:
>>>So if you have details in the IPND the Telstra is at their own 
>>>discretion what they wish to do with it, because you can't prevent them 
>>>and a law won't prevent it either.
>>In fact, you have to pay a fee not to be listed.
>>Some years ago I moved and connected a landline, as one does (or did, 
>>back then ;)). The nice lady at Telstra asked me if I wanted to be in the 
>>directory? 'No, not particularly' I answered. And so she doesn't list me.
>>Roll forward several years and I receive a letter from Telstra telling me 
>>that I have been wrongly not-listed without charge, and if I wish it to 
>>continue I'd have to pay $X per month.
>>I shouldn't complain - at least they didn't backbill me!
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