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Reasons to be cheefull (#33) .. 

An international agreement, fully followed for a century:


In 1906 the first International Radiotelegraph Conference gathered 29 
states in Berlin to sign the ‘International Radiotelegraph Convention’  
establishing the principle of compulsory intercommunication between 
vessels at sea and the land. 

The annex to this Convention contained the first regulations governing 
wireless telegraphy. These regulations, which have since been expanded 
and revised by numerous radio conferences, are now known as the Radio 

These first regulations laid down rules for spectrum use for the 
operation of stations to reduce radio interference and establish 
technical standards for radio equipment.

Today, Radio Regulations — a binding international treaty — apply to 
frequencies ranging from 9 kHz to 400 GHz, and incorporate over 1,000 
pages of information describing how the spectrum may be used and shared 
by more than 40 services around the globe representing around 1,265,000 
frequency assignments for terrestrial stations, 390,000 frequency 
assignments related to around 380 GSO orbital positions and around 250 
non-GSO satellite systems along with another 50,000 assignments related 
to 3,700 satellite earth stations.

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