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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Oct 23 01:43:19 AEST 2006

At 11:42 PM 22/10/2006, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:

>>>> what rights do prisoners have re RFID privacy?
>>>> http://email.news.com.au/ct/click?q=bf-Jt4fQ8ZrssxZaGu5w1dA
>>> I would argue none..
>>> RFID is a more effective and safer way of doing what they are
>>> already doing (which is being constantly monitored and restrained)
>> By that I mean, RFID-ing people, is not covered at all.
> Surely the principles outline cover this and are still applicable,
> regardless to who or what you attach it to.
> I don't think you want to restrict the guidelines to specific use
> of RFID.

Things don't object to wearing RFIDs .. but people might.

Why not an industry code on human-tags to limit memory?

> all they want to do. is identify the Prisoner and track him. Not
> link it to any other personal data.

So, an industry code of ethics limit of 16 characters for human tags
would be fine then.

It'd be remarkably easy to legislate this, together with laws for yes/no
only readers for human tags, but much better CSR if industry initiated. 

Regards, Geoff
Stephen Loosley
Melbourne, Australia

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