[LINK] Oh gawd - "capable of" now is a crime!

Glen Turner glen.turner at aarnet.edu.au
Mon Oct 23 17:38:15 AEST 2006

 > Police searched a property at Annandale in Sydney's inner west on Friday
 > and seized a computer, a scanner, two sophisticated card printers, a
 > laminating machine, more than 4000 blank cards and several partially
 > completed NSW driver licences.
 > The man has been charged with possessing an instrument capable of
 > creating a false document and possessing fake documents.

Adam Todd wrote:
> It now seems to be a crime to possess things "capable of" committing a 
> crime, even if there is no intent, or proof that the crime is 
> committed. 

Go read the legislation. The prosecution has to show intent.
Not that this would be difficult if the claim of "several
partially completed NSW driver licences" is correct.

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